I don't think there is a way other than specifying the value in deployment
descriptors. Programmatically you should be able to change the timeout in
session listeners - not sure if that will be of any help to you. Also in 8.1
(for exploded webapps) - session timeout can be dynamically set from the
console. In coming release there will be better ways to overide the values
in deployment descriptors. Just FYI.


"Pat Bumpus" wrote in message
> Hi,
> In weblogic 5.1 there was a property:
> weblogic.httpd.session.timeoutSecs
> This was the session timeout for a web app. Now we have settings in the

> and weblogic.xml to set the timeout. Basically the default is 60 minutes

> by using the default setting of -2 for in the web.xml

and then
> using the default for TimeoutSecs in the of the

> which is 60 minutes. Is there such a command line argument for 8.1 that

> allow me to specify the default for session timeout to be something other

> 60 minutes. It doesn't have to be a command line argument that was just a

> on my part. I'm open to other alternatives.
> The bottom line is that I want the session timeout to be 15 minutes for

any web
> application that doesn't specify a timeout in either deployment descriptor

> weblogic.xml).
> Thanks,
> pat