Could be a bug in iplanet - not sure. Turn on debugging in the plugin and
make sure the content-lengths are correct.
Also using a network sniffer or something you should be able to verify if
the post data is really missing the data. Note that for
application/x-www-form-urlencoded POSTs weblogic consumes the post when it
needs to find the sessionid. If that's the case then the params will be
available in request.getParameter()...


"Walid" wrote in message
> Recently we have been experiencing an intermittent problem with http
> requests received in our applications deployed on Weblogic. The problem is

> requests received (they are post requests) are missing the parameters
> included. As the application tries to retrieve the parameter from the
> request the result is a null value.
> We currently have a Weblogic 6.1 installation sitting behind an IPlanet

> installation (on a separate box) which filters requests based on the URL

and forwards
> them to
> different Weblogic instances (Production and Demo environments' http
> requests go through the same IPlanet box).
> We have checked our session cookie configuration and we do have a setting
> in our weblogic.xml to specify the cookie name. As well, it has been
> confirmed on multiple occasions that the client only has one browser

> open at the time. As well, the problem being experienced is with the
> request not a case of invalid session or at least that's how it seems

> now.
> We have noticed several Broken Pipe errors in our logs and to make sure
> that this is not caused by a case were we have a large page, we have
> increased the buffer size from the default 8k to 128k. However, we're

still experiencing
> these errors and have actually noticed a correlation between them and the

> in the application where we're experiencing problems with the requests.
> I was wondering if anyone had a similar problem. Please note that this

only happens
> when accessing the system through IPlanet.