Hi, BEA Tech Support and/or Developer,

Recently we tested Carrier on Weblogic 8.1 and found that
Weblogic interprets servlet path and path info differently
from what Struts expects when mutiple application modules
are used.

Here are our settings for an application module. The context
path is /guide, the module prefix is /training.org, and one of
action paths is /math1.do (representing a testing web form).
Of course, the extension mapping is used (*.do).

The request URI is /guide/training.org/math1.do, as
agreed by both Struts and Weblogic. But, in Struts,
the servlet path is /training.org/math1.do and
path info is null. While in Weblogic, the servlet path is
/training.org and path info is /math1.do. This will
completely mess up the Struts mechanism that
identifies application modules.

As we discussed this finding in the Struts user list, we
believe the dot (".") in the module prefix path
/training.org confuses the servlet engine.

On other application servers, such as Tomcat, Resin,
OC4J, and SunONE, the dots are acceptable and our
application is doing fine. So it is very likely a bug
in Weblogic 8.1.


Netspread Carrier