I am trying to deploy a WebStart-based application to a WebLogic 7.0 SP4 platform
and I am running into resource issues. When pulling up the application in a browser,
the WebStart client (1.4.2_01) indicates it cannot find any of the supporting
jar files. I look in the access.log and I see WebLogic looking for the jars:

"HEAD /fso/fsogui.jar HTTP/1.1" 500 947

however, each one responds with a 500.

I have tried deploying the jars both to the WEB-INF/lib and to the base directory,
ie. where the *.jnlp file resides, with no joy.

Right now, my section in the *.jnlp looks like this:

Has anyone deployed WebStart-based applications to WebLogic and if so, where did
you placed dependent jars? What did your section look like?

Is the issue that WebLogic does not explode the application's *.war file out of
the *.ear?

Perry Hoekstra
Talent Software Services