As an addendum to my original request...we are also successfully getting cookies
from the sites to which we proxy. We're trying to get the HTTP Header "Set-Cookie"
from the proxied request and set that header in our HttpServletResponse object.
We seem to be able to do that just fine without losing any cookie data...but
the cookie is never actually stored on my machine. Does this mean that we cannot
set cookies for other domains as well?

Thanks again,

"Michael Congdon" wrote:
>We're building a tunneling/proxy system and we were wondering if it is
>to read all of a user's cookies so that we can put them in a proxied
> Based off of our testing, it appears that request.getCookies() will
>only return
>cookies set by our domain. Does that me we cannot read cookies set by
>or Google (or any other domain for that matter)?
>If so, how can we get access to those cookies?