I have multiple Managed servers running on the same host, each hosting one web

app on a particular port.
The Admin server runs on port 7001.

Example :
The Managed Server hosting the Session Manager is running on 7100, and the
Managed server hosting the DSLTools is running on port 7200.

The following link works -

Now when I click on DSLTools button on the page displayed by the above link,
it takes me to

whereas, I want it to take me to

If I type the http://localhost:7200/dsltools/servlet/dsltools
in the web browser, it works.

So, ques is how can I go from Session Manager running on port 7100 to
DSL Tools running on port 7200 ?

I am trying Proxy by path using HttpProxyServlet, but it doesn't seem to work.

I may be doing something wrong setting up HttpProxyServlet to handle this,
but not sure what ? Any suggestions.

I don't want to hard code the port numbers in the Session Manager servlet
for obvious reasons.

A quick response will be appreciated.

Thank you very much
-Anil Varma