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Iam not getting what u mean by stopping the context...
But what I suggest you is in the destroy() method of the servlet (which is bascially
the destructor of the servlet ) you can interrupt (thread.interrupt() )the thread
which was spawned initially...

pls let me know if my understanding was correct..


"TH Lim" wrote:
>What is the best way to spawn a thread when the servlet context starts
>and terminates
>when the context stops or ends in Weblogic 6.1? At the moment, I use
>a startup
>on load servlet to kick off a thread to start my background process.
>This process
>does a JDBC SELECT, performs some calculations and finally, JDBC INSERT
>resutls into a few tables. The problem I'm faing now is that when the
>is stopped, the thread still running. Pls. advise. Thank you.