"Davy Toch" wrote:
>Very often, when I redeploy a newer version of a servlet (in .war), the
>server keeps on presenting me the older version of the servlet. The only
>to solve this with a success of almost 100% is:
>- stop the server
>- in config.xml, delete all the entries concerning the .war
>- in the server domain directory, delete all the files related to my
>(and which are, in my opinion, copies of my war that are generated by
>weblogic server (some of them are present in the subdirectory .wldonotdelete
>(or something similar))
>- shut down the computer and then restart (to make sure that whatever
>Weblogic has kept in memory and that is related to my war, is really
>- restart Weblogic server and reinstall the war by using 'upload from
>directory' in the Weblogic Administration Console
>I would be very grateful if somebody could give me a more elegant (and
>shorter) way to solve the above problem.
>Details :
>- Windows 2000 Server SP3
>- Weblogic 7 SP1
>- servlet in .war archive (generated by JBuilder 7)
>- deployment is always done through the Weblogic Administration Console
>by using the (re)deploy wizard included in JBuilder, which causes even
>Davy Toch

hi Davy,

Hope, one of the below steps will help u.

You can undeploy the existing war file , Delete the war file
and Try deploying it once again.


You can put the copy of your war file in the server domain
directory and try redeploy in the Admin console


Elango TR