A few years ago I wrote a custom AuthenticationProvider for WLS 8.1.4.
I had it making a JDBC connection to our system database to
authenticate users. However, I had to use a properties file to specify
the JDBC datasource that we would use for connecting. I tried using
mbeans to query our configured datasource but the
AuthenticationProvider was unable to do this (I can't remember the
specific reason but BEA confirmed to me that this was not possible in
WLS 8.1.4. I think it was that the mbean could not be fetched so early
during server start/load time - when the Authentication code gets

I notice in WLS 9.2 that there exists a new CustomDBMSAuthenticator
that has a "Provider Specific Setting" called "Data Source Name". So,
it looks like the issue I hit in WLS 8.1.4 is no longer an issue in

Can someone confirm this. If so, are there any examples of how to do
this. Does someone have access to the CustomDBMSAuthenticator code
that fetches the datasource for connection?

Any information or help would be appreciated. Thanks.