I don't see my custom authentication provider in the administration
console in WLS 9.2. Here are my details:

I am porting a custom authentication provider from BEA WebLogic 8.1.4.
to 9.2. It is working fine in the 8.1.4 environment.

I followed the directions in "How to Develop a Custom Authentication
Provider" in order to generate the MBean Type (DMDF with
WebLogicMBeanMaker) and to create the MBean JAR file (DMJF with
WebLogicMBeanMaker). The steps were almost identical to the steps I
took for the 8.1.4 solution.

I also made sure that I placed the JAR file in the WL_HOME\server\lib
\mbeantypes directory.

I restart my server and go to the Security Realms page. I click on my
realm and then the Providers tab. In the Authentication tab I hit
"New" which takes me to the "Create a New Authentication Provider"
page. Under "Type" I DO NOT see my authentication provider. There are
no errors in the console output.

Does anyone have a suggestion for why I don't see it?

Any help would be appreciated.