I have two Weblogic workshop enabled servers each running a web service. One web service acts as a client of a web service running on the other server.
One web service (Server A) takes a buffered message and then some time later performs a callback to the client (web service on Server B). Both servers are configured for SSL with specific HTTPS ports. The client (B) successfully calls the other server (A) using HTTPS and the called web service executes. The problem is the callback URL decoded on Server A has HTTP as the protocol so when Server A performs the callback to the client, the client complains about the header.

My question is, where do I set the property within the client web service (server B) so that when server A performs the callback it completes under HTTPS? I believe it is somewhere in the callback signature that the client (B) sends to the other server (A) but I have had no luck finding it.

I've successfully configured host and port in wlw-runtime-config.xml for the client web service however, protocol settings have had no effect on the callback.

Any help would be appreciated.
Best Regards,