We know Weblogic will store the users, groups, roles etc. (here after will refer
this as security related data) in the internal embedded LDAP server by default.

I need to configure the external LDAP server with WebLogic such a way to store
the all the security related data in the external configured LDAP server.

Experience Summary

I started working with Weblogic 7.0 (SP1) and iPlanet Directory Server 5.1 to
achieve the above goal.

I didnít find progress in my work after having spent 24-30 hours in configuring
and testing the Weblogic 7.0 (SP1) with iPlanet Directory Server.

I went around the literature which I found on internet and BEA Weblogic site (very
little in this area or I may be poor in searching)

I suspected the problem with my Weblogic 7.0 (SP1) based on the literature and
including my efforts/experience concluded that there is problem/bug which is stopping
the communication between Weblogic 7.0 (SP1) and iPlanet Directory Server 5.1

It worked for me when I picked up WebLogic 7.0 (SP5).

After the configuration, I was able to see all my users and groups created in
iPlanet Directory Server in my Weblogic console.

My Next step is to move the Roles from WebLogic to iPlanet Directory Server.

I browsed the internet and BEA WebLogic site for the literature on Role Mappers.

If the default WebLogic Role Mapping provider does not meet your needs, you can
develop a custom Role Mapping provider.

In my case, I feel that I need to develop a custom Role Mapping Provider is to
store the Roles in the external LDAP Server (iPlanet Directory Server 5.1) instead
of in embedded LDAP Server.

As per my understanding based on the literature (links provided under section
References) and WebLogic API, we need develop below classes (minimal).


I also suspect that we need to develop a class called <>RoleMapperMBean
which is similar to DefaultRoleMapperMBean


I need some lite on the above area.

Your help is greatly appreciated!

Thanks ,
Nagendra Chanda