Please let me know your weblogic version including service level.
As per my experience , weblogic 7.0 SP1 has a bug/problem integrating with external
LDAP server

Nagendra Chanda
"Kevin Yee" wrote:
>I am new to weblogic OpenLdap Authenticator and am having issues. After
>openldap, a new authenticator, and the default authenticator, I am trying
>to access
>the console using a user from the OpenLdap schema, but fail authentication.
> Any
>advice would be welcome.
>Here are some steps I have taken:
> * Stood up openldap, with groups and users (see attached ldif file)
> * Created administrators group
> * Created users that have 'membership' in group
> * Changed default authenticator to 'SUFFICIENT' on control flag
> * Created OpenLdapAuthenticator
> * Set control flag to 'Sufficient'
> * set Configuration to access OpenLdap
> * Tested connection info using LB/E
> * Set User Tab info
> * changed the User Dynamic Group DNAttribute
> * set the correct User Base DN
> * set Group Tab info
> * Set Groups Tab info
> * set the correct Group Base DN
> * Set the static group object class (groupOfUniqueNames)
> * set group filter to use correct object class.