I am using weblogic 8.1 sp1. Our application users need to be authenticated against
Active Directory server. So I configured the ActiveDirectoryAuthenticator in my
security realm. I have specified the "Group From Name Filter" as "(&(cn=%g)(objectclass=group))"
and "All Groups Filter" as "(&(cn=BNZ*)(objectclass=group))". When I want to see
the Groups in my admin console,it is taking lot of time(Some times it never turned
up). I have observerd (in ldap_trace.log file) that when fetching all the groups
it using the filter as "(&(cn=*)(objectclass=group))". I coud not understand whether
this is known issue in sp1 or I am doing wrong. is there any other parameters
I need to configure to restrict the group search?
Your help is appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.

Best Regards,