Hi Folks,

I am so dissapointing of BEA's online documentation when you try to do something
that is just a little further than average.

I want to do something very simple, i guess. However I am unable to get to the
right source of documentation... Ufff

I just want to add one extra custom method in a RoleMapper Security provider,
but I donīt know how to do it, no documentation.

Let me explain better, please be patience, I am so frustrating...

I took dev2dev sample security providers source code (the only examples you can
find in the net), I added an innocent custom method to my MDF called resetCache,
and also added that method in the SimpleSampleRoleMapperProviderImpl.

I found that MBeanMaker took my MDF definition and create an empty resetCache
method in a class named SimpleSampleRoleMapperImpl.

I realize that a JMX client activate SimpleSampleRoleMapperImpl's methods and
there is no documentation can help me find out how to call my SimpleSampleRoleMapperProviderImpl.resetCache
from there..

Also, what is the purpose of RequiredModelMBean class and weblogic.management.commo.StandardInterface

Please help, thanks a lot in advance...