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Subject: Re: Mbean method seems to work, but nothing happen
Date: 18 Jun 2004 15:25:51 -0700
From: Claudio Lazo
Reply-To: Claudio Lazo
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Hi Folks,

I have news about this case and maybe help you to help me find out how
to follow
to give the next step.

I am using SimpleSampleRoleMapper sample at dev2dev to test my case. I
something I had not figure out until now. creates an class called which has my method "resetCache" but
empty, so
back to documentation I think i understood what they wanted to say when
said :"
If you included any custom operations in
your MDF, implement the methods using the method stubs." (Located in page

So now I canīt find a reference to do a link between
and SimpleSampleRoleMapperProviderImpl.resetCache() method.

So Anyone know how to make that connection, or maybe some reading I can
do to
write my implementation?

Thanks again


Claudio Lazo wrote:
>Hi Folks,
>I have created a Custom RoleMapper Security provider, who is a MBean,
>I included a custom method called resetCache who do some reset inside
>The problem is when I try to call the method no exception is thrown,
>however no line inside the method is executed.
>So my question is if there is something I am missing, I am able to see
>with my client properties inside MBean.
>I ejecute method using mBeanHome.getMBeanServer().invoke(mBeanName, "resetCache",null,null);
>Any help is valuable, thanks