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Independent Distributor
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Young Living was founded in 1993 by D. Gary Young, N.D., and it has become one of the fastest-growing companies in the network marketing industry.
Young Living's uniqueness means there is virtually no competition in the industry. No other company has the totally organic orientation or the proprietary distillation technology that Young Living has. And Young Living is the first company to combine essential oils with dietary supplements.
Young Living is poised for significant growth internationally and currently sells in such foreign markets as Australia, Canada, and Japan.
Young Living is at the forefront of a huge wave of fitness, longevity, and health.

Bringing longevity and prosperity into perfect harmony through life-enhancing products of unrivaled quality and a business opportunity based on sharing.

Ideally, all businesses have three basic phases of development: getting started, growing and expanding, and leading a vibrant organization toward increased success. Now Young Living has developed a compensation plan that makes it possible for all its Members, regardless of the phase their individual businesses are in, to benefit and flourish.

YL Compensation Plan Benefits:

No membership fees
No inventory requirements
Payouts are structured to maximize income at every level and facilitate the growth and stability of everyone's organization, regardless of rank
New distributors are quickly rewarded for their efforts
Distributors with larger organizations have far-reaching access to huge revenue sources.
8 Layers That Add Up For You:

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