I'm pretty new to this subject, but I do have a question. Here is the situation.
I need to set up a login portal (in weblogic 8.1) for a webapplication. Customers
(in the future) can login into a secure part of the website, where they can modify
their personal settings and information. We are talking about < 100.000 users.
Now I was thinking of using the embedded LDAP server to set up the authorisation
and identification, but because 2 variables are needed to see if it is a customer
of the company, I am also looking into the possibility of using a relation database
(oracle) to set up the username - password authentication table.
Can somebody tell me the (dis)advantages of using LDAP instead of the relational
database (oracle)? Or give me advise which authorisation method is the best one?
Your help is needed!

Thanks in advance,


the customer more information is needed to