I'm looking to move a system that runs WebLogic AS, and has an SSL certificate
with Verisign, to a new machine. The question is, what is used by WebLogic to
identify the machine to VeriSign and the users, in the SSL negotiation. If the
identifier will be the machine's IP address of it's host-name, that's not a problem,
as the new hardware will have the same ones as the old machine. However, if the
machine's hostid (on most Unix systems, 'uname -i' on HP), which is the machine's
hardware unique id, is used, then I will have to get a new certificate from Verisign.
This is used to be tied to the IP-address, and later to the machine's MAC address,
but newer machines have this tied to the CPU (as in the case with Itanium-based
machines) or somehow to the motherboard.

I'd appreciate any input on the matter.