I have several web applications that we are migrating to Bea from Tomcat. Under
Tomcat we used the single-sign-on feature. The login form was part of 1 web app
and the other web apps had a redirect page to the login page. After login was
complete the user is presented with a page of links not forwarded on to the original
link....but that's ok.

The problem I'm having seems to be that once the user has authenitcated under
1 web app, they are not recognized as being authenticated under the other apps.
I can get the login form and login fine, but when I access another app, the page
that is displayed after login is displayed again. So the web app appears to think
that authentication is needed to access the servlet and does the redirect to the
other login servlet, but it recognized that login has occured and so displays
the logged in page.

I don't have a weblogic.xml file...is one needed? How do I ensure that the authentication
is passed between web apps. It is possible that I just have something wrong,
so if you have a solution that works, don't try to figure out my problem, tell
me how it should work and I can change.