"medi" wrote in message
> Hey guys,
> I am new to weblogic, and trying to set up this dummy web app to use the

> realm, but believe it or not I can't find the RDBMS realm anywhere. I

> 8.1 and even 7.0 SP2 and under the realm folder (in the admin console), in

> authenticator provider, I can find LDAP, and stuff...but I don't see

> and RDBMS realm where I could enter my dbname, tables, columns and stuff

to authenticate
> against??

The RDBMS realm example was removed in 7.0 as the realm code was deprecated
and we
don't ship samples for deprecated features. I believe you can take the 6.1
example and
move it forward. There is one method that needs to be changed (the sample
was using
an internal method that changed in 7.0) - see the release notes.