I'm in the process of migrating from WLS 6.1 SP3 to WLS 8.1. There are a number
of places in our EJBs where we extract the username of the person calling the
method like so: SessionContext.getCallerPrincipal().getName()

This used to not be an issue but under WLS8.1 the Principal that comes out of
the SessionContext returns instead of the actual username.

Users are auhtenticated by the Webserver against an LDAP directory and then the
request is forwarded to WLS using the libproxy.so plugin. I know that at least
from the servlet container standpoint the username is making it over because I
can issue a request.getRemoteUser() and the username is present.

However the username is not making it through to the EJB container it seems. Is
there a setting somewhere in WLS8.1 that has stopped this from working as it used
to? I'm trying to avoid the large number of code changes required to pass the
user info around manually to the EJBs.

Any help would be greately appreciated.