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> I use JMS to kick off a Message Driven Bean for my batch processing. I
> need to run the bean as the user which created the batch job. This
> makes the useless as i need a specific user to be able to run
> the process, and users can be added to the system on the fly.
> I tried passing the user name and password through and doing a JAAS
> login ala: new LoginContext( "client-login", myCallbackHandler
> ).login() but i keep getting an error saying there is no LoginModule
> configured for "client-login"
> I am pretty sure I followed the info for doing java client logins in
> the weblogic server 7.0 docs. I modified the
> ..../jre/lib/security/java.security to include the following line:
> log.config.url.1=file:${java.home}/lib/security/my_jaas.config
> and in my_jaas.config i define my login module
> client-login {
> com.foo.authentication.MyLoginModule required;
> }
> Any ideas as to what i could be missing? Another possible approach?

I would use the weblogic.security.services.Authentication.login method.