Hi all,

We are making the switch from Weblogic 5.1 to Weblogic 8.1 and have
noticed one feature that may hinder our production deployments. Some
background, throughout the day we push multiple jsp/include files to
production to change tags/text (you name it, we change it). With
weblogic 5.1 this was not an issue, we pushed the new file, the server
picked it up, recompiled it, and reloaded the class. With Weblogic 8.1
we have noticed that in Development mode compilation is painfully slow
(7-8 minutes to compile our index pages with all includes etc) and in
production mode, it does not seem to notice the jsp change at all.
Since we push so many page changes throughout the day, we have decided
to prcompile our jsp pages every 15 minutes and turn off on the fly
compilation entirely with JSPclassServlet. This seems to be working in
Development mode and we have not tested it in Production mode as of
yet. However, does anyone see an easier way to achieve our goal? If I
run Weblogic 8.1 in Production mode with page check seconds set to 30,
will this recompile every new page after the allotted time? Or will
production mode never recompile pages without intervention from a
precompile process/wldeploy task etc.?