I don't know exactly how MQ maps "MQ Connections" to JMS objects. It's my
understanding that there's at least one MQ connection per JMS session. I
know that internally, for every "pooled JMS connection", we open the number
of sessions you see in the console, plus an extra session for testing the
JMS provider periodically to see if it crashes, and I believe we open one
more for XA operations.

So, that could explain 12 of the MQSeries connections, but not 39. It's
possible that MQ is doing other things internally that we're not aware of,
possibly for the XA stuff. Is there any way you can ask them the same

Also, do you have any other EJBs, servlets, or MDBs deployed that might be
using MQ?


"Jason Peck" wrote in message
> First of all I would like to apologize if this topic is already posted. I

> but did not find anything. If you know of a topic, please let me know.
> We are using Weblogic 8.1 SP2 connecting to Websphere MQ Server with the

MQ Extended
> Transactional Client v5.3. We use 1 session bean to send messages using

XA and
> external EJB references. We use 4 MDBs with XA to receive messages. Both

> session bean and the mdbs use the same "wrapped" connection factory. We

> things configured to use "Foreign JMS Servers" within Weblogic.
> Everything functionaly works however we have noticed that Weblogic makes

an enormous
> amount of connections to the MQ server even though it states that it only

> one pooled connection open to the resource. These connections are made

> after the server comes online and before any messages are sent or

received. In
> the attached document, the weblogic console shows 4 sessions and 1

> The MQ server showed that it had 39 connections.
> Is this a configuration problem, or is this just how it is with weblogic

> This seems like an awful lot of connections for no activity.
> Thanks.
> Jason