Hello All,
I am trying to hook up 2 Queues as source and target destinations for the WLS8.1
Messaging Bridge[MB] functionality.
So when I send a message to Q1[source destination], the MB forwards the message
to Q2[target destination].
I have 1 MDB deployed and listening on Q2.
I verify the messages received via the admin console in wls8.1 as well as the
MDB I have deployed.
Thus, the MB works.
However, when I deploy a MDB on Q1 as well, the message is lost(not forwaded to
Q1 by the MB).
Assuming that the source destination is of type Queue, and this behaviour is expected,
I went to test with a Topic as source destination for the MB and a Queue as the
target destination for the MB.
However, I failed to receive any messages in the dest[Q2] via the MB.
This is with / without a MDB listening on the Topic[source destination].
One MDB is always listening on the Queue[target destination].
MB does not work.............
Can anyone help ?