Is it possible to send many JMS messages from many different JMS
sessions as part of one container managed transaction? For example,
sending to a Topic in an EJB, then calling another EJB in the same
transaction which sends to a Queue using a different JMS session?

I would expect this would be possible if I use non transacted JMS
sessions (with connection factory set to UserTransactionsEnabled) but
Im seeing some messages being sent even if an exception occurs
inbetween the two calls. Is it possible to achieve this? Also, on this
point, when can I close the JMS session that Im using? Will closing
the session send the message, even if there is more work to be done by
the bean (or even another bean that it may call)?

As a final question, the Weblogic 8 documentation
( talks about
retrieving Queue names and ConnectionFactory names from an ejb
resource-ref to allow it to form part of the overall transaction. I
havent tried this but would it be a way to achieve the above? It might
not help anyway as Im using Weblogic 7.

Sorry if these are obvious questions. Thanks in advance for your help
Jon S