At what point do JMS messages start getting delivered to a destination
when a server starts up? As I understand it, when a managed server
starts up it does the following
- Gets config from admin server
- Loads all deployed application components, EJB's, MDB's, Servlets
(including preloading any servlets as specified in web.xml)
- Switches to running mode

From what I have been able to gather, messages start getting delivered
once the server switches to running mode (i.e you see the text in the
console ""). We have implemented a
startup class as part of a servlet init method and, based on the
decription above, messages only start getting delivered after the init
method finishes and the server switches to running mode. Unfortunately
I need messages to be delivered as soon as this servlet starts being
loaded however I dont think this is the case.

Is this behaviour of message delivery correct? Are there any other
ways to achieve this same behaviour? I cant use a standard startup
class (which executes post running mode) as its not an option to add
classes to the server classpath - for reasons which I wont go into.

These are messages sent to a distributed topic running on weblogic
7sp4 with non durable subscribers (making the subscribers durable also
isn't an option)

Any thoughts would be appreciated,