i do not have a very large expeerience eith jms.
I have the following situation:
I am doing some complex computation on n rows; there is a backend tier that sends
messages in a queue after each row is commited, and the message has the format
(userid, currentrow, totalrows).
I have a consumer that initiates the process than receives the messages form the
Everything works fine for a single connection but when multiple threads of the
client calls the computation layer the messages are cosumed form the queue and
not all the thread involved are able to work well. I mean in the thread i do a
diffrence of type "if the message is only from userid=X than show the message"
but the message is antyway consumed and lost forever.
A solution is to put back the message in the queue on the client tier if the message
does not belongs to my user.

Do you have any other solution? Do I have to use a topic or something like this
instead of a queue?

many thanks,