Hi Shekar,

I suggest raising the issue with BEA customer support rather
than living with your work-around, this seems
like a bug. As for shutting down the bridge programmatically,
I suppose you could register a simple shutdown class, and have it
make the needed mbean (JMX) calls to the standard public
management interfaces. Alternatively, these same calls
can be made in a script via the weblogic.Admin command
(I'm not familiar with the syntax.)


"Shekar" wrote:
> HI
> I am working with weblogic 8.1 sp1 on SUN solaris and MQ 5.3 with
>sp 4 were
>client is XA compatible.
> I have a messaging bridge setup between queues from weblogic and
>MQ. Messages
>being sent from WLS to MQ. They adapter used allows for QOS of exactly
>one .
> I am having the following problem.
> If the bridge's started option is set to TRUE and the WLS server is
>up and when we put messages in WLS to send to MQ, the bridge fails to
>send messages
>to MQ . it fails with the attached exception (Exceptiontrace.txt file).
>The problem
>does not resolve itself even if the bridge is stopped and started.
> BUt, If the bridge's started option is set to FALSE and it is started
>the server is up. The messages are sent fine without any problems.
> This is becoming a problem in our enviroment as we are not able to
>enforce the
>shutdown of Message Bridges before the WLS server is shutdown.
> Can any one of suggest an option were we could force the Bridges to
>in the shutdown script of the WLS server.
>Any help is greately appriciated.