Hi All
I am trying to use the Session TX in WLS 7.0 sp3 on win 2k platform. I am facing
this peculiar problem and not able to figure out if something I am doing wrong
OR I have hit a bug in WLS.

The code below uses my custom class to get a cached handle of the QueueConnection
for the QueueConnectionFacotry [JNDI name==MicConstants.JMS_QUEUE_CONNECTION_FACTORY].

After that all its trying to do is create a transacted session [not a JTA TX]
and create a sender and write 4 messages in the same TX to the Queue. It writes
the messages perfectly - but at the commit time it gives the following exception:

17 Oct 2003 15:46:56:800 [ERROR] Error Initializing MicService:No transaction
weblogic.jms.common.IllegalStateException: No transaction
at weblogic.jms.client.JMSXASession.commit(JMSXASessi on.java:59)
at psdi.iface.mic.MicService.init(MicService.java:259 )
at psdi.server.ServiceCoordinator$ServiceStartThread. run(ServiceCoordina

The code is attached below. Is this a bug OR I am doing something wrong?

javax.jms.QueueConnection qcon = JMSConnectionStore.getInstance().getQueueConnectio n(MicConstants.JMS_QUEUE_CONNECTION_FACTORY);

javax.jms.QueueSession qs = qcon.createQueueSession(true,javax.jms.Session.AUT O_ACKNOWLEDGE);
javax.jms.QueueSender qsender = qs.createSender((javax.jms.Queue)JMSConfig.getInst ance().getDestination("testqueue"));
qsender.send(qs.createTextMessage("hello"), javax.jms.DeliveryMode.PERSISTENT,
4, 0);
qsender.send(qs.createTextMessage("hello1"), javax.jms.DeliveryMode.PERSISTENT,
4, 0);
qsender.send(qs.createTextMessage("hello2"), javax.jms.DeliveryMode.PERSISTENT,
4, 0);
qsender.send(qs.createTextMessage("hello3"), javax.jms.DeliveryMode.PERSISTENT,
4, 0);
qs.commit();//Exception happens here!

Any input is appreciated.