Can anyone help me with a problem I am encountering? I have created a
wrapper class that encapsulates instance members of String, Class
(implements Serializable), and Byte[] type. Each member has its own
accessor and mutator. I implement the interface
for the wrapper class and I send the wrapper inside a MessageObject to
a JMS queue residing on WL 7.0 App Server, which works fine. Also, I
do provide a no-arg constructor for both my wrapper and encapsulated

When the MDB recieves and processes the ObjectMessage, however, I
recieve an "Object cannot be deserialized" error. I checked the .jar
files for my MDB and custom helper jars and the classes and paths seem
correct. I suspect that the problem resides in that I have to provide
an implentation as to serialization and deserialization of the wrapper
object (public void writeObject(ObjectOutputStream out) and public
void readObject(ObjectInputStream in))