Using Weblogic 6.1, CMP , I am setting the isolation level to
"serializable" and concurrency strategy to "Database" but when two
transactions are happening as:

Transaction 1 ( t1)
does a select on a row

Transaction 2 (t2)
does a select on the same row ( this select is going through )

The reason begin, most of the database ( currently I am using MS
SQLServer 2000 and db2 ) , they use optimistic locking even if we
specify serializable, where by only if we try to excute UPDATE they goes
into a deadlock and one of them will proceed and the other to fail as
deadlock victim.

With Weblogic 6.1 , is there anyway we can prevent the second select
from going through. ( meaning it should go into a blocking state and
shouldn't get any lock ...something like as if the SELECTs were done
using "SELECT ...FOR UPDATE") ?

Help !!!!