(all following with WL/WLW 8.1.2)
I've implemented some straight CMP entities using EJBGEN; these work fine against
pointbase. The CreateTables option is used so the tables are created in the pointbase

The basic EJBGEN-tagged EJBs were generated from an Oracle database using WLW
(create EJB's from database table), so the fields in the beans should match the
fields in the table.

When I then try to deploy the beans against the Oracle database (the one with
the original column definitions), I get the:
[EJB:011020]The database table: DEAL does not contain the columns etc. etc (there
are about 200 columns).

The column list in the error contains all (or most) of the fields from the table.

I look into the weblogic-cmp-rdbms.xml and find that all of the columns are mapped
and properly (hey, this file is completely generated with EJBGEN/wlw - I don't
edit it at all).

I've tried different Oracle JDBC drivers, different oracle databases (our testing,
development, production) and in all instances the error messages is the same.
I've tried increasing various timeouts (so many columns) using the WL management
console to no avail.

If anyone has any input to what's up with this I'd really appreciate it!!

thanks, Roger L.