I'm a beginner with cmp and entity beans...

I want to use the automatic key generation with the named sequence table mechanism(we
use a db2 database).
It's recommended to use a key-cache-size value greater than one.
I've a problem with the behaviour of the weblogic server. If the value of the
sequence is 13, and the cache value is set to 10, then weblogic server update
the sequence value to 23 and uses the value 23,24,25... for the next bean creation(and
not the values 13,14,...).

If other applications(not in a weblogic) use the sequence for generating primary
keys, it will use the the id 23 and then a conflict appears. The problem is the
same if we use two weblogic domains with a key-cache-size value different on the
two domains for the same entity bean.
if the sequence value is 10 :
domain1(cache=10) : update the sequence to 20 and uses 20 to 30
domain2(cache=15) : see the sequence=20 and updates the sequence to 35, will use
35...to 50
domain1 uses all his cache : see the sequence=35, update the sequence to 45 and
will use 45 to 55 --> conflict with the domain2

Is there a way to force weblogic to increment the sequence value before?(if it
will use the id from 23 to 33, the the desired value for the sequence is 33 and
not 23)

Thanks by advance,