we are evaluating the possibility of migrating to weblogic platform 7
sp5 from portal4sp1 on wls6.1sp2 (trying to answer whether it would be
easier to do than migrating to 8.1, which we have slated for next
year). the reason - improved stability and performance as well as
ability to use newer jdk (1.4.2).

our current config: db2 7.2 on solaris8, wls6.1sp2+portal4.0sp1 on

according to the link below
DB2 7.2 does not support CMP. is this true? does it mean that we
cannot migrate our existing CMP ejbs? does it mean that we cannot
consider migrating to 7.0 line at all?

according to the link below, it is not an issue with platform8.1sp2:

thank you.