I am trying to cast a SerialConnection to a weblogic Connection and recieve the
" ReportServlet runReport java.lang.ClassCastException: weblogic.jdbc.rmi.SerialConnection"

We are running a weblogic 7 cluster and oracle 9i.
It seems that whenever I create a connection
Weblogic returns a Serial Connection.
When I try to cast this to a WLConnection I get the excption.
// Code to get Connection
public java.sql.Connection getConnection()
java.sql.Connection conn = null;
try {
conn = dataSource.getConnection();
catch (Exception exc) {
System.out.println("Unable to get connection: " + exc);
When I try to execute the code below
java.sql.Connection JConn = (java.sql.Connection)conn;
System.out.println( JConn.getClass() );

The out put is weblogic.jdbc.rmi.SerialConnection