We have a very strange situation of getting what "TransactionRolledbackException"
when we tryto delete some EJB. The internal Throwable carry by "TransactionRolledbackException"
is "ConcurrentModificationException".

This is the Exception:
================================================== ==============
ception, reason:deletePartnerToMsgGroupNested Message - Exception during remove.:
at java.util.HashMap$Ha****erator.next(HashMap.java:7 31)
at weblogic.ejb20.internal.TxManager.flushModifiedBea ns(TxManager.java:292)
at weblogic.ejb20.manager.BaseEntityManager.flushModi fiedBeans(BaseEntityManager.java:1626)
at weblogic.ejb20.cmp.rdbms.RDBMSPersistenceManager.f lushModifiedBeans(RDBMSPersistenceManager.java:19
================================================== ==============

Our experiments shows clearly that the "remove" itself is not the problem but
some EJB updates perform of other EJBs within the same transaction. If the remove
is perform without operation the other EJBs then it works fine.

My personal feeling is that some EJB work before the "delete" to somthing bad
to the EJB container or maybe to the JDBC connection.

I will appreciate any Idea or Insight

Gilad T