JInspired is now welcoming J2EE architects, developers and testers to join its
early access program. The early access program will be run for several weeks with
regular updates. We look forward to your support in improving the product and
ensuring that the product is the most performant and reliable solution on the

JDBInsight provides the ability to quickly detect performance bottlenecks within
a J2EE™ system, reducing the need to allocate valuable development resources or
purchasing further hardware to compensate for poor performance. It aids testing
by providing unique information visualizations that show the execution of a J2EE™
application in terms of technology and component classification as well as transaction

What distinguishes JDBInsight from all the other profiling and performance management
tools on the market is that JDBInsight provides analysis from a sequence perspective
whereas other performance profiling tools simply show a call tree and no attempt
is made to indicate what particular execution plan occurred – who called who is
available but not what happened after this particular Java method or SQL statement
was called. Inefficiencies in J2EE applications occur mainly at the transaction
level such as repeating the execution of a particular SQL locally and globally.
JDBInsight looks for patterns that exhibit inefficiencies when viewed in terms
of the sequential execution of a business and/or resource transaction. For example
JDBInsight can show if an EJBHome.find method called is followed up by multiple
single row select statements (EJB.findByPrimaryKey) indicating that the home find
did not load the entity bean state in its initial query. Another more common problem
within J2EE that others tools failed to detect is multiple transactions within
a business and/or resource transaction.

Available Installers
Solaris: http://www.jinspired.com/products/jd...is/install.bin
Linux: http://www.jinspired.com/products/jd...ux/install.bin
Windows: http://www.jinspired.com/products/jd...ws/install.exe

Updates Since 2.0 EA 2E Build
* UI Bug fixes
* New table format in Resources view showing timings alongside resource counters
(created, closed, and unreferenced) on the same line.

* The JDBInsight driver has a new System property for removing static values (strings
and numbers) from SQL string stored in runtime profile. This will reduce the number
of SQL statements as well as simplify the transaction paths. Values in WHERE and
HAVING clauses will be replaced with ?.

To turn on/off use the following system properties:
-Djdbinsight.server.jdbc.preparedstatements.unbindv alues=true | false (default
-Djdbinsight.server.jdbc.callablestatements.unbindv alues=true | false (default
-Djdbinsight.server.jdbc.statements.unbindvalues=tr ue | false (default true)

At the moment the unbinding will not occur in SELECT and ORDER BY clauses. The
basic bindings manager ignores integers in ORDER BY clauses for column index usage.
We are still considering how values are handled in SELECT clauses (not select
statement as WHERE values will be replaced with ?) and will provide a way to turn
this on or off in the next build.

* The SQL table view has an additional drop down menu to show and hide bindings
that where not replaced during the server runtime.

About JDBInsight
JDBInsight is an innovative enterprise development product, aimed at simplifying
the performance tuning and testing of J2EE™ applications, which access data through
the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC™) API. JDBInsight analyses the access of
enterprise data by J2EE™ client-, web-, and bean containers. The analysis can
encompass transaction executions, from multiple J2EE™ containers. JDBInsight captures
timing and execution information for enterprise data accessed by Servlets, JavaServer
Pages, Session- and Entity Beans using JDBC™ or an Entity Bean using a container's
persistence engine. JDBInsight can also profile non-J2EE applications that access
enterprise data through the JDBC™ API.

About JInspired
JInspired located in Ireland, delivers JDBInsight, a comprehensive solution for
Application Performance Tuning and Testing that focuses directly on early identification
within the development and testing lifecycle. Jinspired offers sophisticated analytical
tools, that capture transactional behaviour and performance timing information,
across multiple containers in a single console, and presents this information
intuitively to the user "Visualizing the Invisible”.