I get follow Problem in Bea Weblogic Server Cluster 8.1 SP2
Have you any idea, what's the problem?
I want to start an EJB-Call to this cluster, but no firewall ist
between the Client and the Cluster. I installed the client on the same
machine (server1 in cluster) and I receive the same Problem.
Webapplication work correctly in the Cluster.

Thx Werner
I hope you can help me...

weblogic.rjvm.t3.T3JVMConnection@199c277 because of Serve
r expected to route a message received over an uninitialized
'JVMMessage from: '-7643231548685307952C:
erver1{N:t3 localhost:t3:localhost:[6080]:50:localhost:[6080]}' to:
,-1,-1,0,0]:, er:server2{N
:t3 localhost:t3:localhost:[6080]:50:localhost:[60
80]}' cmd: 'CMD_IDENTIFY_REQUEST', QOS: '101', responseId: '0',
'0', flags: 'JVMIDs Sent, TX Context Not Sent', a
bbrev offset: '223''>