I have an EJB "A". When I find with a finder and the entity has been modified,
the finder look by a modified field and doesn't find the ejb. I set include-updates
to true but this not work. I have WLS70 sp4 on Win and Linux against oracle 9.2.
The configuration is by default, except include updates set to true in the finder
I use.

The test i performed is this:
(The ejb is "A")

AServerLocalHome AHome = ctx.lookup (...);
Collection c1 = AHome.findByXYZ(, , );
if (c1.size() > 0) {
Iterator it = c1.iterator();
AServerLocal aLocal = (AServerLocal)it.next();
Collection c2 = aHome.findByXYZ(, , );
if (c2.size() > 0) {
Iterator it = c2.iterator();
while (it.hasNext()){
AServerLocal aLocal2 = (AServerLocal)it.next();
if (aLocal2.getPK().equals(aLocal.getPK())) {
System.out.println ("I find it");

All in the same transaction. But the change made in the ejb is not visible to
the finder.
So, if in a transaction a change made is not visible to the transaction, the concept
of "transaction" dissapears?