Hi all,
we are having a problem with Session EJBs in a WLS7.0sp3. Our EJBs implements
transactional behaviour directly throught third party APIS, like JDBC, but we
never use the plattform transactions trhought javax.transaction.UserTransaction
API. We dont use any transactional facilites given by the platform.
In this scenario, we have been reported from som errors that implies platforms
transactions, and we have think about an error in the ejb-jar.xml descriptor.
Our dude is, must we declare transaction managed by the container and the attribute
NotSupported for all methods? are we giving the right meaning to this EJB specification
Some enterprise beans may need to access resource managers that do not support
an external transaction
coordinator. The Container cannot manage the transactions for such enterprise
beans in the same way
that it can for the enterprise beans that access resource managers that support
an external transaction
If an enterprise bean needs to access a resource manager that does not support
an external transaction
coordinator, the Bean Provider should design the enterprise bean with container-managed
demarcation and assign the NotSupported transaction attribute to all the beanís
methods. The EJB
architecture does not specify the transactional semantics of the enterprise bean
methods. See SubSection
11.6.3 for how the Container implements this case.
Sun Microsystems Inc.
Overview and Concepts Enterprise JavaBeans v1.1, Final Release

thnx in advance.