Hi Everyone,

Another quest I need your help or comments with...
We have recently install weblogic at work and now we want to pick one IDE
for the development. Currently due to cost constrains we are only comparing
JDeveloper and Weblogic workshop.

Here are few things which we want to look at..

Which tool is more friendly and Easy to use?
Which one is better in terms of Development Speed?

how are these tools in regards to J2EE component integration?

If we use jDeveloper what is it's performance and Integration with

Any Restriction in the Development ... I heard multiple frame implementation
is complicated with Workshop?

Also if we later decide to move to another IDE or App Server which IDE's
tool is most compatible and easy to move .. or it does not matter?

Any performance Issues?

Which tool is best for the Deployment?

Also Heard that Workshop add some code which is not editable? is that True?
does jDeveloper also do the Same?

Please guys need you help.