I have a web application running on Weblogic Server 8.1 SP2.
in a cluster of 12 Servers, configured to use In-memory session
replication using Apache proxy plug-in.
I have a scenario below where sessionDestroyed is not being called.

1) A session is created in Server 1 and alive, its replica created in
2) Apache passes on the request in the same session to Server 2
instead of being sticky to the Server 1( though its alive and running
well :-( )
from there on, it stiks to Server 2.

3) This session is now killed in Server 1 (because it is now migrated
to Server 2) but there is no sessionDestroyed() call of my
SessionListener, where the session data is being cleared, due to which
the session in my application for this instance of Server is never
being cleared.

I expect Weblogic to call sessionDestroyed() of the configured
listener whenever a session is destroyed.
sessionDestroyed() is properly called in the general case where the
session is really timed out.
Is this a bug in Weblogic ?

Kindly respond.