I have a cluster with 2 managed servers. An EJB application has been deployed to the cluster. The load-balancing policy is set to 'round-robin'. Both servers are in 'running state'.

A remote client obtains an initial context by using the cluster address in the PROVIDER_URL ; i.e something like: t3://serverA:7001,serverB:7001

Using the initialContext, the remote client obtains the EJB Home of a stateful session bean and proceeds to create an instance of the session bean. It does this multiple times, beginning with the EJB Home look-up each time.

It turned out in each case the EJB Object was obtained on serverA, and never on server B. I expected to see EJB object instances obtained from both servers in a round-robin fashion, but that is not the case. Wondering why the load-balancing is not occurring.

Note that the client is remote and runs on its own JVM, so server affinity should not be an issue.

I proceeded to shut down server A, and re-ran my remote client. The JNDI look up of the EJB Home failed with a NamingException. It therefore looks like the failover is not working as well.

My WebLogic version is 8.1 SP 2