Hello, I see that in 6.1sp5, CR087237, a new flag has been introduced (weblogic.client.SocketConnectTimeoutInSecs).
I think this is the parameter to which the solution with ID S-14814 refers to
("Is there a way to set t3 client timeout interval ?").

How does it work ?

Eg, If I have 2 managed servers in a cluster on 2 different machines(Solaris),
and the ejb client on a third different machine(Solaris), a SLSB deployed to the
cluster, if the network cable is unplugged (from the client machine), and I've
set SocketConnectTimeoutInSecs to 30 secs, what happens when I do the JNDI lookup

I wait max 30secs ? or I wait max 60secs (30*2) ?

Can anyone explain to me how this parameter works in a failover situation ?

Thanks in advance

Best Regards