I am about to set up a Weblogic 8.1 Cluster for the first time and would greatly
appreciate any guidance that you could provide me . I have decided to implement
the basic combined tier architecture because I have two seperate machines (physically
seperate) that will participate in the cluster. Let's call them Machine1 and

Anyway, I plan to set up an Administrative server on Machine1 as well as a Managed
server. On Machine2, I will set up a Managed server that will be remotely administered
by the NodeManager on Machine1. Does this sound correct? I am still struggling
with all of the players in the cluster right now.

So, if the above is correct I need to set up the NodeManager on machine1 to remotely
administer the managed server on Machine2? If everyone agrees, I will do this
and then get back to everyone on the next step! Thanks again sooo much for your
help and time. Cheers.

Cabell Fisher