In WLS 8.1, I have the following configuration:

Admin Server
Node A (Managed Server)
Node B (Managed Server)
Node C (Managed Server)
Node D (Managed Server)

Machine A
Machine B

Machine A
Node A
Node B
Machine B
Node C
Node D

Machine A
Machine B

Each Machine is running an instance of the NodeManager as a Windows Service.
Each machine is a physical server running Windows 2003 Enterprise edition.
When I deploy an application (as an ear file), the application deploys to
the cluster OK, however, the ear file get copied into each stage directory
for each node on the server where the admin server is running (Machine A).
I need the ear file to get copied to the stage directory for each node on
the actual machine where each node is running. I selected the first radio
button (copy to each stage) on the deployment window in the admin console.
I thought the ear would get copied appropriately. Is this a bug?