I am experiencing an issue with failover when performing a forced shutdown of
one of the nodes in a 2-node cluster using WebLogic 8.1 SP 2. When the server
is forced down we are seeing some requests resulting in a "Error 404 - Not Found"
being sent to the client's browser. Performing a browser refresh fixes the problem
and the request is failed-over. This does not happen all the time and appears
to relate to when the request comes in. Also, we are not seeing this when performing
a graceful shutdown. We are using Netscape Enterprise Server with the WL plugin.

Has anyone else ever seen this behavior? Is this an issue with communication
between NES and WL? My theory is that the WL plugin has a small window of time
where it believes the server is still up and sends the request but in that time-frame
the server has gone down which causes the "404".

Any help would be appreciated.