I have a cluster of WebLogic servers, where the web container and EJB container
are collocated (within same instance of WLS) on each server.

When a web service in the web container requests a clustered EJB object that is
available on the local server, does it get a local stub or a replica-aware stub
(assuming the deployment descriptor for the EJB object is set to clustering)?

If it gets a replica-aware stub, my understanding is that WLS by default does
not load balance the object creation and tries to create a local object on the
same server (assuming the object is in the JNDI tree for this server).

If the local create of the object fails, does WLS try to create the object on
another remote server (using the replica-aware stub)?

Under what failure scenarios or exceptions does this failover occur (application
or server exceptions)?

Does failover occur for application exceptions if the method or object is idempotent?